TEAM UI/UX designer, Front End developer, Backend developer, QA, Project manager, Architect.

TRADE X offers Dealers an interactive trading platform to connect authorized buyers and sellers from all over the world in an end-to-end, full-service trading solution. TRADE X delivers a fast, safe and efficient experience for authorized users on desktop as well as mobile platform. System provides a user friendly experience on both iOS and Android platform. Dealers can trade anytime and anywhere in the TRADE X digital marketplace.


  • Usability Improvement
  • Simplify Architecture
  • Platform Thinking
  • Refactoring the Code
  • Optimization of APIs
The Challenge

With eCommerce and digital on the rise, TradeX, an eCommerce portal, required an IT partner that could provide support to upcoming digital initiatives, with a proven understanding of the level of security and agility needed in this space to maintain market share.

TradeX sought out a partner to overhaul their eCommerce portal infrastructure management, providing updates to their web portal, website design and development, application migration for their mobile portal, QA setup, infrastructure enhancement, and added documentation. TradeX tapped ITWox’s proven expertise in digital transformation and dedicated, agile teams with a focus on purpose-built, seamless solutions and experience design baked right in to completely revamp their current infrastructure and digital capabilities to provide a more seamless customer experience.

Focus on User Experience

Given ITWox’s extensive user experience design expertise, the brand underwent a corporate site renovation, including a complete overhaul in code and presentation, with both beautiful aesthetics and usability in mind. IT.Wox implemented a mobile-first approach by using a single code to manage web and Mobile sites, tested across all native web browsers.

Web and Mobile Portal Transformation

ITWox initiated work in May 2020 on the web and mobile portals, beginning with a walkthrough of current flow and functions and reviewing the code and existing architecture and then moving on to in-depth study and parallel development, refining models, reviewing code, and creating the Buyer and Seller workflow for pricing. By July 2020, ITWox had the portal ready for use by customers and the portal was market-ready by October. This included a massive time reduction in the app development process for mobile, due to the ability to target multiple operating systems with less native code -- essentially building two apps with the time, effort, and resources of creating one. With continuous improvements and additions, including fixing multiple existing issues and functions inside the legacy APIs, creating separate flows for buyers and sellers, pricing model and logic updates, and enhancements to the buyer/seller experience, the project was completed in just six months. ITWox achieved this through rewriting code for multiple workflows to support different business siloes, creating a more configurable system, centralizing the code to support all platforms from back-end APIs, and optimizing APIs through exception-handling and logs for better control, removal of unwanted code, and more. All processes on web and mobile were QA tested across the same timeline for assurance on each and every aspect of the platform, with test automation on web and mobile.

Future-Proofing Infrastructure and Security

In August of 2020, about halfway through ITWox’s partnership with TradeX, the brand transitioned all infrastructure work to ITWox. As a trusted partner, ITWox did an assessment and began an re-architecture proposal for TradeX’s complex system. Scaling up the infrastructure required to work without impacting the SDLC lifecycle. This required a manual process for certification renewal. ITWox incorporated cost-savings into data restoration measures and implemented a new plan for DevOps by migrating to GitHub exclusively and creating an automated renewal of certifications. With a goal to tighten infrastructure and network security, ITWox proposed best practices and security measures built into the proposed infrastructure.

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