Modernize your legacy applications, data, and IT systems

Legacy systems act as companies’ biggest roadblock to innovation. Modernizing to digitally-enabled, modernized platforms and architectures opens up a whole new world of innovation and transformative capabilities needed to fulfill visionary ideas and ultimately, vital digital-first, user-centric products and interfaces.

Staying Current to Stay Alive

Innovate. Disrupt.

Companies across all industries are facing intense pressure to offer more frictionless, personalized, and digital-first products and services due to a shift in focus putting the customer and the center of the business. However, legacy systems cannot handle this level of innovation. In order to remain competitive, brands must find new ways to operate to keep risks low, and features high. The first step in achieving this is modernization.

Here’s how we can help:

Application and Data Modernization

Assessing your digital transformation journey

We will perform a full audit of your current system to identify where modernization would be most beneficial, and how to build out your updated architecture and technology ecosystem.

Discovery and Assessment

Modernizing your data and application architecture

Re-build, re-platform, and re-imagine your applications and data by harness the power of digital transformation technologies, like adopting a Cloud strategy, to handle the most powerful technology tools for innovation.

Migrate to the Cloud

Future-proofing your business

Take full advantage of the potential of cloud technology to transform your business processes and bring your operations into the future. We will partner with you for end-to-end cloud transformation.

Remediation Services

Building your ecosystem

Whether it’s a multi-cloud strategy or managing multiple applications and partners you use to run your business, we’re here to optimize your business processes, eliminate redundancies, and make your technology ecosystem integrated for increased agility and efficiency.

Third Party

Third Party Vendor Integrations Solution

Engineering Assessment provides visibility and transition roadmaps to assist in understanding the integration points and potential alternatives to eliminate costly and redundant third-party integrations.

“Our team of dedicated platform modernization experts leverages industry-leading tools, technologies and, techniques to break you out of your legacy rut and bring your existing business and product suites up to the latest standards.”

“But won’t these updates affect my day-to-day work?” Don’t worry, we have you covered! We know business doesn’t stop for anything our process is completely seamless. We will modernize the components of your existing systems without interrupting your daily business tasks and functions.

Modernization is just the first step in your digital transformation journey, opening the door for limitless possibilities for future innovation.


Building from the ground up

Our team of experts can also help you build new, modern technology-based platforms to help you achieve your specific business goals. We take an agile approach to collaborate with you to enable holistic growth across your entire business.

Whether you are modernizing a legacy system, or creating something entirely new, our experts help you to mitigate risks, boost flexibility, and open yourself up to future innovation across all business verticals. From ideation, planning, and designing to implementation, training, and maintenance, we ensure your modernization and transformation journey will be seamless.

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Flushing Bank

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